Local Artist, Barbara Bean will be showing at Summer Island Studio!

studio cyclamen

Local Artist, Barbara Bean will be showing at Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans for the month of April 2015. Artist Reception and Open House will be Saturday, April 25th from 4pm to 6pm; Wine, Cheese and Horsdoerves will be served.

Barbara Bean has always been what she calls an art maker; she is inspired by the work of others and enjoys trying new materials. This show is combination of her sculptural assemblages created from found objects and her two dimensional works of mixed media on paper; both in a floral theme.

Beans works is more symbolic rather than representational, and asks her viewers to enjoy the experience of entering a new world where there are no boundaries and no limit to what one can make with so little.

Jennifer Litchfield rejoining Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans in March 2015

The Red Umbrella

Jennifer Litchfield of Barter’s Island Boothbay will be rejoining Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans once again for a show in the month of March 2015.

Artist’s Reception and Open House will be held on Saturday March 7th from 4pm to 6pm. Wine, Cheese and Horsdoerves will be served.

SIS is located in the Tontine Mall in the heart of downtown Brunswick at 149 Maine Street; any questions please call Patti at 373-1810.

Litchfield has been living and painting in Maine for the past 18 years. Originally from Sydney Australia, where she pursued a medical career as a primary care physician for 20 years. She moved to the United States after meeting and marrying her American husband, Peter Felsenthal, with whom she still lives with in Boothbay.

Art has always been one of her true loves and she took the opportunity in her new life to develop her passion for painting, drawing and color.

Local Architect/Assemblage Artist MILDRED JOHNSON will be at Summer Island Studio


Local Architect/Assemblage Artist Mildred Johnson will be at Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans for both months of January and February 2015.

mildred johnson 004

Artist Reception will be held:

Saturday, January 17th at 4pm – 6pm.

Wine, Cheese and Horsdoerves will be served.

Johnson graduated from University of Oregon in 1948 in architecture, she moved back and forth across the country as an architect and designer for years.

mildred johnson 003

Mildred moved to Maine in 2004 and maintained a studio at Fort Andross in Brunswick for many years, working primarily on assemblages and mixed media collage.

Of her work Mildred says

“I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t making art…I’m still playing with found materials…and I still feel the excitement of discovery that I remember as a child”

and continues, quoting from Robert Rauschenberg

“You begin with the possibilities of the material”.

Debbie Casterlin Reception at Summer Island Studio

Great turn out Saturday evening at Summer Island Studio for Debbie Casterlin Reception.

Debbie was there to speak about the crossroads of interests that brought her to creating this collection of work. Her love for art in both photographs and on canvas, her love of the botanical world, as well as her work in physical therapy.

If you did not have an opportunity visit Saturday evening, please stop by for a visit some time this month. Show will be up for the balance of the year.

‘Bare in the Botanicals’ by Debbie Casterlin @ Summer Island this Month

deb casterlin 4st

Debbie Casterlin a local artist from Brunswick will be showing the month of December at Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans located in the heart of downtown Brunswick in the Tontine Mall.

A reception will be held on Saturday December 13th from 4pm to 6pm.  Wine, cheese and Horsdoerves will be served any questions call Patti  at 373-1810.

The name of the show is going to be “Bare in the Botanicals” and the image is Deb smelling the plum blossoms, in June.  Her perspective on artistic freedom, her love of natural beauty, and her appreciation of the botanical world reflect her desire to share her innermost values.

Debbie has spent her entire life creating art, capturing moments with a camera and on canvas. Recognized for her artistic talent at a young age she has been commissioned to create art for public institutions and private individuals.

Though she works in many mediums with an eclectic subject range, some of her best known works are acrylics done in a realistic style.

You won’t want to miss November 14 and 15th- @ Summer Island Studio!

Field Flowers

Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans will be celebrating the Arts Down Town and All Around with a Artist’s Reception with Harriet Lindeman of Brunswick, and a Trunk Show with www.Angelrox.com a fabulous new company from Maine that makes beautiful cloths out of bamboo. Check out this link to angelrox: http://thewrap.info/videos.html.

We are so excited to be carrying this incredible one-of-a-kind new product! Check out these videos to see the many versatile and beautiful styles each garment of the ANGELROX women’s clothing line can be converted to in order to fashionably suit your every need, mood and whim.

This is all happening on Friday the 14th of December from 5 to 8pm, wine cheese and Horsdoerves will be served. If that’s not enough we will be here bright and early 6 am, Saturday the 15th for the ‘EARLY BIRD”. Special discounts from 6 to 7 am which include 25% off on all Summer Island Studio jewelry and 15% off everything in the store until 9am.

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping. As usual, a tradition started years ago Summer Island Studio will have free pairs of earrings for anyone showing up at 6am in sleeping attire.

  Harriet Lindeman a member of the Point of View Gallery will be showing the month of November at Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans, an artist’s reception will be held Friday the 14th of November from 5pm to 8pm, wine, cheese and Horsdoerves will be served.

Lindeman prefers abstract compositions in watercolor and mixed media, but also frequently does images of east coast flora. She enjoys pouring paint onto paper and experimenting with unorthodox tools such as sticks, plastic and dental floss or fruit rinds to get movement and texture. Harriet is not classically trained but she has enjoyed learning from other area artists and art instructors.

Mark your Calendars!! and see you there

Susan Zimmerman of Five Islands @ Summer Island Studio in October!


Local Artist Susan Zimmerman of Five Islands, Georgetown will be joining us at Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans the month of October.




Artist Reception will be held the night of Brunswick’s 2nd Friday ArtWalk, which will be October 10th,
From 5pm to 8pm, Wine, cheese and Hordoerves will be served and live music of
Carter Ruff can be heard.

Carter Ruff

Susan works from her little studio tucked between two coves in Georgetown where you find plenty of subjects to work with, islands, beaches, working waterfronts, estuaries and lily ponds. She calls including people and animals in her work good company.



She fills her paintings with things she loves, often painting from a subject to portray something that touches her heart, or tells a story. Zimmerman paints the landscapes and the people of Maine. Making every effort to escape absolute realism, by the use of abstract design and color. Her goal is to have people feel the experience, and to imagine the stories, to connect to what makes living in Maine so incredible!